• Effigerm Nipple Care (Liquid)

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    Effigerm Nipple Care (Liquid)

    Effigerm Nipple Care (Liquid) for cleansing, protecting and soothing nipples.

    Key Advantages:

    • The primary effectiveness of Nipple Care is the cleaning and removal of key causative factors of nipple infections associated in the nipple area
    • For damaged sensitised intact skin.
    • Alcohol  free
    • pH Neutral
    • No need to rinse
    • Does not stain clothes – not messy
    • Ease of use – no need to rub in
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Does not sting or burn when applied
    • Product can be used even when nipple soreness is not evident
    • Hydrogel – increased contact time with increased results
    • No known interactions or side effects
    • Medical Device

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  • FemClear

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    Vaginal tablet containing lactobacillus and lactic acid.  Useful in all cases of temporary alteration of vaginal flora also caused by bacteria or yeast.


    Key Advantages:
    • May hep to reduce itching, vaginal discharge and odour
    • Dissolves within a few minutes
    • Contains lactobacillus acidophilus and lactic acid
    • Can be used for both smelly leucorree due to non-specific vaginitis or after treatment with chemotherapy and antibiotics for specific vaginitis.
    • May reduce burning, itching, vaginal discharge and odour.
    • CE marked Class IIa Medical Device
    If you are interested with this product please contact us by email info@cfpharma.ie 

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