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Effigerm Nappy Clear kills a germ Associated with nappy rash: Staphylococcus Aureus & Candida.
Effigerm Nappy Care can be used to moisten, clean and disinfect nappy area without harming healthy tissue.
It is safe for all skin types and suitable from birth.

  •  Bactericidal, Viricidal & Fungicidal Action
  •  Emollient Action
  •  Cooling & Analgesic Effect
  •  Effect on erythema (cools and prevents infection)
  •  Does not stain clothes and not messy
  •  Does not stain clothes and not messy
  •  Multi use – can be used for cleaning and preventing infection

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  • NO potentially toxic ingredients
  •  Ease of use – no need to rub into the area especially on sore inflamed skin
  •  In use safety
  •  Maintain optimum moisture levels
  •  Perfume, Preservative & Alcohol Free (or other sensitises)
  •  Hypoallergenic
  •  Safe if licked or swallowed
  •  No irritation to damaged skin
  •  Does not sting or burn when applied
  •  Helps remove irritations such as urine and faecal matter
  •  Product can be used even when nappy rash is not evident
  •  The complete solution for nappy care from age 0.
  •  It can be used for other skin problems such as cuts, minor wounds etc.
  •  Excellent margin.


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