Rezult Scour 6 in 1 for Horses

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Rezult Scour 6 in 1 for Horses

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Key Advantage:
Rezult 6 in 1 Scour offers an absorbent formula with the added benefit of delivering a much-needed energy and electrolyte source to foals during periods of stress.
• Rehydrates
• Binds
• Stimulates immunity
• Energy
• Buffers
• Prebiotics

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How to Use:


Ponies up to 350kg 30ml twice daily for 3 days
Horses 500kg 60ml twice daily for 3 days


Add 1 sachet (75gm) to 2 litres of warm water or milk twice daily for 2-3 days, or as instructed by your veterinary surgeon.
Dissolve the contents in warm water or warm milk and mix well.


• 30ml & 60ml syringes with graduated plunger
• 75gm sachet packed in POS box x 12’s


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