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Rezult Optilyte for Livestock

Electrolytes & Energy


Key Advantages:
Rezult Optilyte is a concentrated solution that delivers the optimum balance between electrolytes, energy and water in calves, lambs, piglets and foals.
• Rehydrates
• Buffers
• Energises
• Added Vitamin E
• High SID value
• Optimum glucose to sodium ratio

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How to Use:
Give the recommended volume of diluted solution, as indicated below twice daily for minimum 2-3 days or as instructed by your veterinary surgeon.


Species Volume of OptilyteVolume of Water/
Milk for Dilution
Dosage of Diluted Solution per Animal
Calves (up to 150kg)100ml2000ml2100ml diluted solution twice daily
Lambs20ml400ml420ml diluted solution twice daily
Piglets20ml400ml420ml diluted solution twice daily
Foals (up to 150kg)100ml2000ml2100ml diluted solution twice daily


1000ml, 2000ml & 5000ml


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