Oti Clear for Dogs & Cats

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Oti Clear for Dogs & Cats

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Ear cleaning solution for dogs & cats.


Key Advantages:
Oti Clear ear cleaner is a non-irritating ear cleaner especially formulated to keep ears hygienically clean through an antibacterial flush while contributing to restoring the normal microbiological balance of the ear canal, treating in animals with dirty or smelly ears, routine cleaning to reduce the risk of ear problems developing and clean the ear canal and outer ear that is suitable for dogs and cats.
• The most effective Cerumen remover
• Antiseptic
• Non-irritating
• Ph balanced
• Calming & soothing essential oils

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How to Use:
• Lift the ear flap so that it is pointing straight up and apply the ear flush liberally into the canal
• Massage near the base of the ear to encourage the debris to soften
• Allow your pet to shake their head to assist with removal of the fluid and debris
• Wipe away any loose debris from the ear flap and canal with a cloth, gauze, or cotton ball
• You may need to repeat several times depending on the amount of debris that is present
• Do not use cotton applicator swabs in the canal due to potential for injury


100ml bottle with twist open/close cap.


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