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Criticare for Dogs & Cats

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Palatable oral hydration support.

Key Advantages:
Criticare is a ready-to-use, highly palatable liquid diet that provides compromised patients with the critical ingredients they need when nutrition is a vital component in patient recovery.Its complete, fortified and balanced nutrition is ideal for critical care, debilitated and recovering canine and feline patients.

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How to Use:
1. Reduction of Acute Intestinal Absorptive Disorders-
Period of use: From one to two weeks while re-introducing normal food or use as directed by your veterinarian. Can be administrated by feeding tube or syringe.

1. Compensation for Maldigestion –
Period of use: From three to twelve weeks but lifetime in the case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency.

1. Gut Nutritional Support (GNS) contains highly digestible ingredients including amino acids and is low in fat –

Period Dosage per kg Dosage 
FIRST 12 HOURS 1 ml/kg BW Every two hours
NEXT 12 HOURS 2 ml/kg BW Every two hours
NEXT 48 HOURS 3 ml/kg BW Every two hours

Oral Hydration Therapy (OHT) Isotonic Fast Effective Hydration.
Contains a balanced, increased level of electrolytes including sodium, potassium and easily digestible sugars –

Size Approx. Weight Vol. per 24hr Dosage or Oral Hydration
Cats 2.5 kg 106-265ml 53
Small dogs 2-10 kg 84-420ml 42
Med. dogs 12-22kg 360-660ml 30
Large dogs >25kg >700ml 28


30gm sachet x 10’s for reconstitution.


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