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Chillax for Dogs & Cats

Indication:Calmer for highly strung or anxious pets

Key Advantages:
Chillax is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement blend of marine & dairy peptides, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3 & Vitamin B6. It’s designed to restore chemical balance to a central nervous system and to help calm excitable dogs and cats in stressful conditions such as thunder & lighting, home alone, visits to groomers or vets, travelling or separated from the owner.

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How to Use:

Body WeightInitial Administration

(14-21 days)

Up to 5 kg2 pumps
6-10 kg4 pumps
11-20 kg6 pumps
21-30 kg8 pumps
Over 30 kg10 pumps

1 pump = 2.2 ml

Give to puppies/kittens 0.5 ml/kg bodyweight. Administer half the normal dose as required.
The dosage may be reduced once improvement is noticed and can be repeated with flare-up.

250ml bottle with dispensing pump of 2.2ml / actuation.

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